Saturday, July 8, 2017

Full-time jobs still haven't recovered after 10 years: We are at least 4.6 million behind

Full-time jobs in June 2007 stood at 122.2 million.

40.58% of the population then had full-time jobs.

In June 2017 127.3 million had full-time jobs, but that is only 39.16% of the population.

At the 2007 rate, 131.9 million would have full-time jobs in June 2017.

One can say the level has recovered, but the percentage sure hasn't.

We are at least 4.6 million full-time jobs behind what could reasonably be called full recovery, after 10 long years which millions will never get back:

Like people with already long careers which were cut short in their peak earning years, to the stillborn careers of young people whose college preparations got them ready for nothing but debt payments, to the people who finally found full-time jobs again but at salaries 20% behind what they were paid for the same work a decade ago, to the many millions who struggled through income stagnation throughout the period.

That's just some of the true crime of what has just transpired, and it's all on Barack Obama, the enemy of the middle class.

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