Friday, February 3, 2017

Gay Pakistani Indian subject of the Queen gets his green card, tells the story of what's wrong with our immigration policy

In a word, it's too thin.

Ask yourself if this guy would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for Donald Trump, Bob Dole, or your mother, and then tell me that your answer means the future is safe.

Here in The Wall Street Journal, the perfect place for the libertarian citizen of the world to tell his story:

What America offered [Nabokov], as it now offers me, was the opportunity to slough off the demands of the past. As a college student at Amherst, I had been unnerved by this aspect of the U.S. I thought my sense of self depended too much on the knots of intractable history that were integral to identity in the old world. I was afraid that identity in America would feel too thin, too much a thing of ink and paper.

What I had not counted on was what a relief that could be. Fifteen years later, it was what I had come back for. It was an immense freedom. No cultural attachment, no matter how great, can compete with it. The relief of being free of the past, and safe in the future . . ..

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