Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trump has won 49.73% of delegates to date, needs to capture just 50.13% of the remaining to clinch it

Trump to date has 285 of 573 = 49.73%.

Trump needs 952 more to get to 1237.

That's 50.13% of the remaining 1899 delegates up for grabs.

That means doing only about 1% better than he's been doing.

How hard is that?

Keep stressing respect for law and order in the streets and at the borders, economic growth from new capital attracted to a US low tax haven, and jobs for America's abused and dispossessed working class.

Cruz would have to up his game from 28% now to 57% to win it.

Rubio would have to up his game from 15% now to 61% to win it.

Like that's going to happen.  

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