Thursday, April 13, 2017

Conservative Tree House is kooky, calls China not joining Russia Syria veto in UN "historic" and a Trump achievement

No, it isn't historic, and it's not a Trump achievement.

There have been nine occasions where China has not joined Russia in the veto since 1992. China does what's good for China.

The only country getting realigned here is America under Trump, who keeps "learning" things and changing his stated positions.

Trump's in danger of giving away the store to China on currency, trade and the South China Sea in exchange for the promise of a denuclearized North Korea.

China thinks that might be a good deal, but it's a lousy deal, because the Chinese are the biggest liars on the face of the earth, the biggest thieves, and the biggest mass murderers in the history of mankind.

North Korea is their little pit bull keeping South Korea, Japan and the United States off balance.

Wake up and smell the coffee, guys.

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