Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Liberal Kevin Drum fears mocking Republicans over Syrian refugee stance will lead to electoral disaster

"In general, we should act like this is a legitimate thing to be concerned about and then work from there. Mocking it is the worst thing we could do. It validates all the worst stereotypes about liberals that we put political correctness ahead of national security. It doesn't matter if that's right or wrong. Ordinary people see the refugees as a common sense thing to be concerned about. We shouldn't respond by essentially calling them idiots. That way lies electoral disaster."

In other words, liberals should LIE by feigning concern.

Remind you of anyone?

If you guessed Muslims, you get a cookie!

Liberals are so bend over backwards friendly towards Muslims because in them they rightly see kindred spirits, people who routinely lie to the unbeliever as a matter of principle.

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