Friday, October 31, 2014

Millions of skilled Americans are still without jobs, but Terri Lynn Land in Michigan wants to bring in more foreigners

Quoted here:

We should modernize visa tracking, increase high-tech visas to bring more highly-skilled workers here, make sure businesses have the tools to effectively verify the status of employees and shorten wait times for those who play by the rules.

If the US Chamber of Commerce endorses Joni Ernst in Iowa, you know she'll cave on illegal immigration

Everyone knows the US Chamber of Commerce holds a gun to the head of Republicans demanding they reach a compromise on illegal immigration with Obama and the Democrats. Joni Ernst obviously got the message way back in May.

When Laura Ingraham recently asked her about illegal immigration on the radio show, Joni Ernst immediately defaulted to the issue of worker visas. Ingraham had to remind her that many Americans are out of work and should come first before we consider importing workers. Joni Ernst reacted almost like she was ashamed she hadn't gotten the memo ahead of the interview.

Enough said.

Terri Lynn Land is basically a TARP Republican, not a capitalist who believes in bankruptcy

Terri Lynn Land quoted here:

I think that doing something to protect the auto industry was the right thing to do, but I would have preferred a plan with more private financing. However, if the options were choosing between going this route and doing nothing, I am glad the auto industry was preserved and is growing again.