Monday, August 31, 2015

Trump in first with 25.7 in latest Real Clear Politics GOP presidential poll average, 14.7 ahead of Carson, 16 ahead of Jeb

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley pulled a Clinton, made off with furnishings from the mansion before leaving office

Martin O'Malley is right. The Democrats need more debates so that he and Hillary can argue over who got away with more.

The Clintons, as you remember, were dirt poor when they left the White House and tried to make off with about $190K in goods, The New York Times reported at the time.

The Baltimore Sun reports here that Marty O'Malley had $62K worth of furniture in the residence declared "junk" and then bought it for less than $10K while he was still in office, and then took it with him when he moved out.

That there's a law against that in Maryland tells you everything you need to know about Maryland Democrats.

The Orange County Register is wondering why it's taking the Justice Department so long to decide whether to indict Lois Lerner

Indeed, we think there is ample evidence to indict Ms. Lerner, who has acknowledged “absolutely inappropriate” actions by her division, while casting blame upon low-level “front-line people” who worked for her.

The answer to why it's taking so long is that it's run by the Obama Administration, which intends to stall justice, get around justice, and actually commit injustice, not expedite justice, as in put a Holder on justice, and then Lynch it.